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The EIC Comprehensive Chromodynamics Experiment (ECCE) consortium is comprised of 96 institutions assembled around the idea of developing an EIC detector envisioned to offer full energy coverage and an optimized far forward detection region. The consortium includes institutions with wide-ranging world-class detector expertise, strong involvement with EIC physics, and an understanding of the DOE approach to project management. Our foundational principles are outlined in this talk from the first ECCE workshop.

After an extensive review by the Detector Proposal Advisory Panel, jointly commissioned by Brookhaven National Laboratory and Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory, the ECCE proposal was selected as the reference design for the first EIC detector.  The ECCE consortium is now working with the EIC project and the EIC community to evolve the detector to a technical design in preparation for a DOE CD-2/3a review in late 2023 and form the scientific collaboration that will pursue the EIC science goals.  

We invite all interested institutions to join the effort to build the first EIC detector!


Twenty-seventh ECCE Bi-Weekly (Publication) Meeting

4/25/2022: Twenty-sixth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

4/11/2022: Twenty-fifth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

Twenty-Fourth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

3/10/2022: Twenty-Third ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

2/14/2022: Twenty-Second ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

2/8/2022: ECCE Interim Publication Policy approved by IB vote

1/25/2022: Interim Publication Policy submitted to IB for approval. 

1/24/2022: Twenty-First ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

1/3/2022: Twentieth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

12/6/2021: Nineteenth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

11/22/2021: Eighteenth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

11/08/2021: Seventeenth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

10/25/2021: Sixteenth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

10/11/2021: Fifteenth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

9/27/2021: Fourteenth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

Thirteenth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

8/30/2021: Twelfth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

8/16/2021: Eleventh ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

8/2/2021: Tenth
 ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

7/19/2021: Ninth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

6/21/2021: Seventh ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

6/7/2021: Sixth ECCE Bi-Weekly Meeting

5/24/2021: Fifth ECCE IB Meeting

5/21/2021: Second ECCE Simulation Workshop 

5/10/2021: Fourth ECCE IB Meeting

4/26/2021: Third ECCE IB Meeting

4/12/2021: Second ECCE IB Meeting

4/2/2021: ECCE Simulation Workshop 

3/11/2021: ECCE mailing lists are now available for subscription here.

3/5/2021: The ECCE IB has approved the consortium structure

The first ECEE Institutional Board Meeting will be held on Friday, February 26th at 11AM EST. A meeting agenda and connection information are available here.

The First ECCE Workshop was held Thursday, Feb. 11th, 2021.